North America 2018 – 2019

Breaking News! At Watch Night Service on December 31, 2017, Dr Michael Hunter prophesied that 5 Major Respected Television Pastors shall go to be with the Lord. One of them who have counseled Presidents in times past shall go to be with the Lord. Today, we see, the transition of a Great General of the Gospel and True Pioneer in Evangelism, Pastor Billy Graham.
He was a beacon of light to the Word of God and his unwavering Faith in God makes him an example for all Generations. His legacy shall resound forever. Winner's Rest Family Worship Center would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Graham Family. We will pray the family's strength and comfort in the Lord during this time of grief. For to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

5 Major Respected Television Pastors shall go to be with the Lord (One of them will be Billy Graham) of them who have counseled Presidents in times past shall go to be with the Lord.

God is saying he’s about to increase His grace over the United States of America.

There will be more shootings on Malls, Shopping Centers, Theaters, Hospitals, Airports and 3 schools but God says that His children, who are covered under the blood, shall be protected by the Most High God. **There have been shots fired at the Italy High School in Texas. **The was a shooting in a high school in Kansas.

It will be a booming year for America; Stock market will soar. It will be the highest in 20 years.

There will be a foiled, attempt on Famous Landmarks: The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty.

There will be more prosperity. More investors will be attracted to America.

America will be the head in every international organizations i.e. U.N.

I see the Brooklyn Bridge falling.

Now is the time to invest in the Stock Market. Now is the time to start your own business. God says get ready for 7 years of Harvest for the Church and America.

There will be more job opportunities in 2018. It will be a year of greater job employment for people of this nation says the Spirit of the Living God.

More investors will be returning to invest in America.

Huge explosions in Dallas, Texas at a Oil Refinery.

I see explosions in New York on April 6th, and September 20th. Watch also Manhattan.

Foiled attempt on the American airlines. God says He will spare the lives of the people.

There will be a planned threat against the President but God says he’s going to wipe out every plan of attack against His life.

Many will compare the President to a dictator.

Massive fires will claim the lives of several people in Detroit and in New Jersey.

The President will implement Martial Law. (We will pray against that)

They will also try to impeach him but it will fail.

He will concentrate on building the border between Mexico and the US.

He will concentrate on migration, convincing business people to stay and build America. They will return to make America great.

The President will also clamp down on the immigration laws.

I see also a new FBI Department being formed as well as a New FBI Director.

I see 3 Prominent News Anchormen who will leave CNN. The President shall be responsible for these persons being removed from the News Station.

More people will resign from the Republican Party and there will be more controversy with the members in the White House. God is about replace those with New People.

I see more sexual allegation charges against government senators and others in government.

More questionable shootings by the Police and I see demonstrations across America.

There are 3 Famous Rappers and 4 Famous Movie Stars that will die this year.

Breaking News! At Watch Night Service on December 31, 2017, Dr Michael Hunter prophesied that 3 Famous Rappers will die this year. One of Rap's notable artists, Craig Mack has died at the age of 46. Winner's Rest Family Worship Center would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the family and ask that you join us as we pray for the family during this difficult time of loss.

Pray for a Prominent Republicans, Senator that God will be taken home.

US Military will flex their power against North Korea with an Airstrike. Other nations

There shall be a Small Plane Crash, a family will be killed.

There will be a shooting in Colorado. 4 Officers will be injured.

God says He is going to exercise His hands and will in 2018
God says: 2018 shall be a year of jubilee. A greater beginning of the transfer of wealth for the body of Christ and for those who are truly saved, they shall experience God’s financial hand in 2018.

God says that there shall be many battles that will come up against Christians but they will win.

There will be several Lone Wolf attacks.

There shall be a major transfer of Wealth of the wicked to the church and many shall come to the church for help and refuge.

2018 will be a year when the Church shall strengthen. The Prophetic Voice shall be more prominent in the US.

There will be an attack in Washington, DC.

Many Major Televangelists will embrace the Prophets and the Prophetic.

Many changing of the guards in Ministry. Several, beloved Evangelists and Bishops will go to be with the Lord.

There are 3 Major Health Scares for 3 Pastors who are well known in America. One is a prominent African American Pastor out of Dallas, Texas. Another, will be a Major Healing Evangelist.

Also, some Pastors who are well known shall fall because of sexual harassment charges or allegations about them and many will resign.

The value of the American dollar will rise to its highest value in many years. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth. (Other than Israel). The dollar will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

God is going to make The President Elect to the United States how he made Benjamin Netanyahu to Israel. America will enter a season of prosperity.

Beginning from this year, God shall rise up people who are not known (average persons, without degrees, familiar on TV or have a churches) There will be a change of guards to do greater work than those who have been around longer to do extraordinary things.

There will be the death of a Former, First lady.

On December 31, 2018, Dr. Michael Hunter prophesied that there will be the death of the Former President’s wife. We see the passing of Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, on April 17, 2017. A woman passionate about the Literacy of our Nation’s Children, Former Lady Bush will truly be remembered as the matriarch of the Bush family. Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center would like to extend our sincere condolences to the Bush Family and ask that you join us as we pray for the family in this difficult time.

There will be the death of two Former US Presidents and the death of a Former, First lady.

America will stand stronger with Israel and the relationships will become better.

Under this presidency, America will become wealthy and powerful again and some of the countries that we thought were friends will be found to be secretly associated with ISIS.

The military will be stronger. The U.S. shall blossom into wealth more than the previous presidents.

God is rising up godly men and women in Congress. Namely, The Speaker of the House, because he believes in Jesus Christ, God is going to have him start a spiritual awakening in Congress. He will allow pastors to come and give advice for direction.

Pockets of Revival shall hit America and spread across the different states.

2018 will be a year of spiritual awakening for America.

There will be a church service and meeting that will be held in the Cannon-Caucus Room in the US Capitol.

Ryan Paul will make it known that putting political speech restrictions on pastors from their pulpits, will have a devastating effect on our culture. The church will be able to speak against politicians without fear of consequence.

There shall be a rift between the Mexican and American govt. over the handling of Mexican citizens. Also, there will be a Rift over military differences. Us Marshals shall go into Mexico for a well known person of interest involved in drugs and connected to ISIS.

There will be 3 Great Awakening Revivals that will begin in the USA. Get Ready, because a political revival will start then comes the spiritual awakening.

There shall be a wealth transfer of the wicked into the body of Christ under the new presidency.

I see major conflicts between China, Russia and Iran against America and Israel.

US forces will attack North Korea.

Well known female rapper will meet into an accident.

There will be snow in Northern Florida.

There is a change of Governor coming.

Watch for a serious threat in North Florida.

I see a foiled terrorist attempt in Florida.

I see a major mudslide which will be caused by torrential rainfall.

A powerful storm will hit California causing evacuations.

There will be a Powerful earthquake also in California.

There will be a Powerful earthquake also in California that will cause the physical separation or split in landscape.

There will be Tsunami Threat for California and Hawaii.

A Tidal Wave, caused by a strong Tropical Depression, There is a threat of flooding, persons losing homes and having to be rescued.

There will be rioting in New York and New Jersey.

God is about to show up in a major way. There will be a Great Earthquake and Flooding in Brazil.

There's going to be a serious earthquake that will remind them of 1992. This earthquake will break down buildings, split roads and bridges in California.

There will be a Tornado hitting California.

There will be an Earthquake in Florida (Orlando).

The Miami area will be threatened by another major hurricane, causing great flooding. Homestead shall be flooded out.

I see a hurricane in Florida.

I see a tornado hitting the Northern end of Florida.

I see major snow storms hitting the US.

Watch for flooding also in New York City.

There will be major flooding in Kansas City.

Watch Sweden, England -Terrorist attack.

Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Japan - There will be a shaking. God is going to visit those nations.