Predictions/Prophecies 2019-2020

Predictions/Prophecies for 2019-2020

Natural Disasters/Weather in America:

  • Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Earthquakes
  • Major flooding hitting Naples, Florida
  • Hurricane hitting Orlando.
  • Storm will affect also Vero Beach, Miami area.
  • There shall be a threat of a storm in the Keys and persons fleeing.
  • Major flooding and Massive earthquake hitting California.
  • Torrential flooding from a Hurricane in North Carolina
  • Hurricane hitting Louisiana, Alabama New Orleans, Georgia, Florida (Vero Beach, Miami, Keys)
  • Tidal wave hitting New York and Flooding.

Natural Disasters/Weather of the World:

  • Serious Earthquake will hit Mexico. Many loss of life.

Happenings on the streets of America:

  • A bridge shall collapse in San Francisco, CA.
  • I see the sinking of 3 cruise ships
  • More jobs in the US. Unemployment will be at its lowest.
  • In 2019, if people are serious about starting their new business, favor, fortune and opportunity will be their fortune.
  • Rise in the minimum wage in several states.
  • Riots in the streets of Chicago
  • Riots in the streets of Missouri
  • Protests in different states about things implemented by the President

Entertainment News

  • Bill Cosby will gain favor with his case.

Famous Deaths in Music:

  • 4 Famous rappers shall die, 1 shall suddenly
  • 3 famous musicians shall die suddenly:                  James Ingram 01/29/2019

Famous Deaths in Hollywood:

  • A beloved member of the Golden girls shall die suddenly.
  • 8 other Movie Stars will pass

Happenings in the Government:

  • President Trump will finally get the money to build the wall for border security.
  • Laura Bush will be selected as 2018’s Texan of the Year.
  • Mortgage Prices will rise in Real Estate in 2019.
  • America and China will sign new Trade agreements.
  • A Former President shall die.
  • There will be a New Chief of Staff, New Attorney General, New Secretary of Homeland Security.
  • Democrats will try to gain more ground in the White House.
  • The money shall be released for the wall to be built.
  • US Military will become stronger.
  • There will be a crash in the Stock Market to its lowest (but it will regain strength.)

Resignations in Government:

  • Lots of resignation of members of the White House and rehires

Shooting in Public Places (schools, churches, malls, theater)

5 school shootings (California, Texas, Connecticut.)

  • More shootings and fights in malls, schools, theaters, churches (Lone wolf attacks.)
  • Major Shooting on the Mall in GA and FL.

Police Shootings:

  • Questionable police shootings. There will be investigations done by the government.

Plane Crashes:

  • 3 plane crashes


  • New Miami Dolphins coach
  • Jets Coach fired

Happenings in Ministry:

  • More prophets will come out in US. A major revival will hit the US, like Africa. People will be drawn to the prophetic ministries. Healing, Miracles and Deliverance shall be done.
  • A T.V. mega pastor will have negative press. 
  • IRS will investigate prominent pastors of mega churches.

Passing of Key Persons in Ministry:

  • A female general shall go to be with the Lord.
  • 3 Generals shall go to be with the Lord.
  • There will be serious health scares for Rod Parsley, John Hagee, and T.B. Joshua.
  • Pray for Benny Hinn and  T.D Jakes.
  • One of the most famous Gospel Singers shall pass.
  • God is rising up new voices. There will be a prophet to take the place of the generals that have gone on to be with the Lord and shall shine forth in the nation of the US.

Events for the President and His Family

  • 2019 will be turbulent for the President.
  • They will try to impeach President Trump.
  • Also, criminal charges will be bought against him, his son-in-law and his sons.
  • I also see some legal problems for President from Federal Prosecutors in New York.
  • Federal Gov’t going after President over tax issues of his foundation.
  • God will align the President with a Prophet, A Seer.
  • The President’s son in law will leave the White House.
  • Another son will be criminally investigated

The Continent of Asia

  • Earthquake in the Philippines
  • A deadly storm in Philippines that will cause mudslides and loss of life.
  • China shall have an earthquake and major flooding causing loss of life.
  • Japan will have an earthquake.
  • New Prime Minister in Bangladesh
  • There shall be a rift between North Korea and US. There is deception and US may retaliate with a preemptive strike.
  • New President in Malaysia

The Continent of Africa

  • An African President will die suddenly.
  • New President in Nigeria.
  • New stirring of Racial disunity and turmoil.
  • Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe shall pass

The Caribbean

  • In Bahamas, there will be an earthquake and a hurricane causing major flooding.
  • There will be the crashing of Bahamas Air.
  • 2 persons of Parliament shall die.
  • Some pastors shall be exposed as gays.
  • A major bank shall fall and I see the sinking of a mail boat.
  • Powerful earth tremor and storm that shall hit Haiti
  • Serious Earthquake hitting Jamaica
  • There will be 3 Cat 3 hurricanes to hit the Caribbean: Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad &Tobago
  • Powerful hurricane will hit St. Marteen, Cayman Islands,
  • Active year due to climatic changes.


  • Major storm causing flooding of homes. Increase of immigrants going to Australia.

The Continent of Europe

  • Russia will attack Ukraine again to come in a takeover that nation. US is watchful and vigilant and will help.
  • Tension increases.
  • Russian will arrest US spy in Moscow, and it will be known to the media. US will battle over this situation

The Middle East

  • Iran will be exposed for building nuclear weapons under the wraps.
  • Iran, Russia, Syria, Turkey will come together plotting against Israel. God will lift up a standard against the enemy coming against God’s anointed people.
  • America will withdraw US military from Syria.

The Continent of North America

  • Tidal Wave hitting New York and A Hurricane
  • Major Storm hitting California, causing Flooding and loss of homes, lives.
  • I’m seeing many homes destroyed by forest fires, destroying many properties. God is about to visit that state in a major way. There will be an earthquake that will destroy homes and cause loss of life.
  • A Major Flu Outbreak and disease that shall be going around. We need to pray.
  • The Stock Market will go up.
  • There shall be a great storm that will hit many states. This is the year when the people of the US must seek God’s face.

The Continent of South America

  • Major earthquake in Peru

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