The Caribbean 2018 – 2019

There will rioting in Jamaica, with looting.

A well known politicians will die.

More entertainers will get in trouble with the law.

More Sexual allegations will come out against Pastors.

I see the death of a Famous Pastor that has made a great impact on Gospel.

There is a changing of the guards there also. Some dead church considered to be 'big' will lose members to smaller church which will then increase in numbers. There is a revival fire that will spread from the US to the Caribbean.

Churches will start coming into bigger offerings and the prominent will seek out prophets more.

I see a bus crash carrying school children with several people dying. Pray for that spirit of death to be removed.

The gay community will come out more and flex their muscles, asking for their rights.

Watch 2 famous entertainers, who have made a major impact on the music industry, will die. We are praying that God will spare their lives.

Jamaica’s economy will soar also. More investors will be coming into the country. Jamaica will be known as the #1 best Caribbean country to do business in.

Foreign investors from Asia, Middle East coming into Jamaica and creating more business opportunities.

The present government will try to eradicate the Chinese government that has taken over the monopoly there.

There will be an Economic turnaround for Bahamas. The crime rate will increase but the people of Bahamas will experience a new wave of God’s glory.

There will be a spiritual revival in Bahamas. People will be running from other churches just to be in the service.

There will be a particular prophet out of America will come into the Bahamas and start a revival.

There will be a change of the guards. The Joshua generation will step forward and demonstrate greater works that the older generation couldn’t do.

There will be the loss of life of 3 men who went out on a fishing trip.

More foreigners are coming into the island to buy properties. More Chinese will be coming in with business there.

There will be a rift and the older will become jealous but it’s the move of the God for the younger to go forward and do greater. There will be a quick awakening of the Holy Spirit in the Bahamas. There has been a lull but God is going to start a fire.

There will be major exposure of some of the prominent, powerful men of God and Political leaders in Bahamas.

There will be Major exposure for another man of God for his involvement in homosexuality.

There will be a Blue Bunny franchise. Cheesecake Factory franchise to the country.

3 prominent pastors shall go to be with the Lord.

4 members of The Bahamian police force will be caught on corruption charges and the force will clamp down on the gangs them. Word will come out that some of the politicians that are involved.

The spirit of witchcraft that is destroying marriage, God shall break.

New government.

More kidnapping.

Persons will rise up in arms because of misuse of funding that was sent to country.

There shall be signs and wonders done by ministers of the gospel.

There will be an increase in violence but many persons will turn away from witchcraft and give their lives to Christ.