Our Pastor

Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter

Dr. Michael Hunter is an influential pastoral leader, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist extraordinaire. He is a native of Kingston, Jamaica and the founder and CEO of the Apostolic Connection, which is a global network of clergymen.  Dr. Hunter stands confident in his faith in Jesus Christ, and believes that the attributes of love is the impetus that inspires him to share the spirit of God’s love through his ministry, service, and philanthropy.     His philanthropic initiatives consist of providing equitable opportunities in education and improving quality of life for families and children in underserved communities.  Dr. Hunter’s philanthropic efforts extend to the local, state, federal, national and international levels. His reach has impacted communities that interface with diverse populations across all generations.  The aforementioned efforts are exemplified through such community projects as establishing and financially supporting a Learning Academy for K-12 students in Jamaica.  In addition, Dr.  Hunter has established an Educational scholarship Foundation that provides academic scholarships to children in low socioeconomic communities and children from single parent homes; a minimum of 20 graduating college bound seniors annually; and educational services to students in the K-12 setting.  He is committed to addressing marginalized populations by providing support services that address quality of life issues such as physiological needs and housing insecurities.  This is reflected in sending shipments of care packages consisting of food, clothing, and toiletries through an outreach mission he established in Haiti.   Dr. Hunter exhibits compassion for the less fortunate and has an ultimate goal to improve the quality of life for the children and families in those underserved communities.  He provides toys, clothing, essential items, and has given more than 15 vehicles to under-privileged families who would otherwise be unable to afford a vehicle.   He also provides support to Hurricane Disaster Relief efforts in the United States, the Bahamas, Haiti and Jamaica.  He is founder and CEO of Hunter Eagle Nation CasinoEuro, which provides opportunities for young people to become educated in digital media, art, technology, sound reinforcement and music entertainment.  This provides young people with an outlet and an avenue to channel their energy into a positive platform such as music instead of the negative aspects of their surroundings such as drugs, alcohol, and local gangs.     Dr. Hunter is favorably recognized for his capacity to see the best in others while motivating them to see higher realities and greater expectations. He has a heart for helping, empowering, and uplifting the less fortunate, and works from the best motives to help those in need in local and global communities abroad.