Rising Stars

My two daughters, Lindsey & Kaely, have been riding and competing in Equestrian Horse Show Jumping their entire life; and were already accomplished riders before I started attending church at Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. They enjoyed their share of wins yet were not considered the top riders in their sport. After I started attending Winner’s Rest, they soared to the top. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied that a champion horse would come into the family and that they would be best in the nation. Shortly thereafter, Bonaparte, a gorgeous white horse valued at $250,000 was given to Lindsey through a series of very uncommon events. We would have never been able to purchase such a horse, and they are currently ranked “Best In The Nation”! He also prophesied that Kaely will be in the Olympics and will win the gold. She never considered this as possible, yet since then she has been competing in pre-Olympic style competitions and her team won the gold and Kaely personally achieving 1st place overall in the competition.. I look forward to the Prophecy being fulfilled! This can truly only be God and His Divine Favor upon this Ministry. Everything Apostle Michael Hunter has prophesied has come to pass. The Lord also used Apostle Michael Hunter to minister to me about my broken heart and then Lord healed me of depression. I am so blessed to have been introduced to Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center by my dear friend Linda, and there are no words that can express my gratitude.

Kerri T. July 25, 2016

Miracle after Miracle

Apostle has prophesied so much over my life in the last 3 yrs, he has canceled accident and death off my life and I avoided accidents, shortly after. He spoke promotion on my previous job, when I was wavering whether to apply for a leadership position. At the time, I was getting a fight but in the end I was promoted. On my present job, Apostle prophesied new job, in Palm Beach, promotion, months later I resigned from my job receiving a new job in Palm Beach and after 2 weeks in training, I received a promotion as a supervisor. He also prophesied new vehicle. I had no credit and shortly after I received with no credit a 2015 Infiniti Q50 S. Even the sales guy was amazed but God worked it out. Apostle prophesied a new apartment. Again, I had no credit but was approved. He prophesied a dance ministry and that I would be traveling with the team. I am now the leader of the dance ministry and have started traveling. He prophesied that I would prophesy with precision and to date, I have publicly prophesied to 2 ladies, 1 in our church and another while on New York’s missionary trip. Apostle prophesied that my kids will lack for nothing, my daughter’s school fee will always be paid and people shall bless them. I can confirm that my kids lack for nothing, are always being blessed and the school fee is always paid in full. I can go on and on but I would need a book. God is so good and I am truly blessed with lots more testimonies to come..

Tracy P. July 25, 2016

History In The Making!

Dr. Michael Hunter prophesied to this young lady about getting a major promotion in the Police Department. She was promoted to be the first black female Assistant Director of Miami Dade Police Department!

Stephanie D. July 25, 2016

Marital Bliss

Dr. Hunter was the first Prophet I have ever met in my life, and since then he has prophesied into my life with specificity and accuracy and all have come to pass. In August 2012, he prophesied that God was going to give me a good husband. One that would treat me better than any man I had ever been involved with. At the time, I was actually transitioning out of my former marriage. He prophesied again in June 2014 that I would be a December bride. (I hadn’t even gotten my proposal yet) and on 12/13/14, Apostle performed my wedding ceremony at Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. In 2013, Apostle prophesied that I was going to get a salary increase on my job. I had just received a substantial increase that same month but I didn’t doubt the word. I received another increase that same month. 2 salary increases in the same month? That is just God. My son lives in Jamaica. He went to the US Embassy and was told by the Consular that I should file for his Permanent Residency Card and he was refused his Visitor’s Visa. Apostle prayed for the release and my son got his visa and visited me here in the US. In 2014, Dr. Hunter ministered to my husband that he would get a promotion on his job and he received the promotion that same year. Five months later, he prophesied the same thing and again my husband was promoted on his job; two in one year. In 2015, Apostle prophesied that I and my husband would travel to Jamaica and take a cruise. We went to Jamaica in June and we took our cruise March 2016. In October 2015, Apostle prophesied that I would receive a financial blessing and exactly 3 Continue Reading

Wendel & Georgia S. July 25, 2016

Prophetic Release

I can’t stop singing the praises of the Most High. God favored me after being promoted twice in one year with a major commercial bank. Apostle prophesied another promotion in management and within two weeks I was appointed to a management position with my company. It was some time ago that Apostle prophesied the release of a car for my daughter. He also prophesied, before she went to college, that she would have favor all the way. My daughter had also embraced the principle Apostle taught us to tithe and make offerings regularly from any and every incoming funds. Apostle Hunter said, “release”, and sure enough Natalie’s father agreed it was time for her to have a car. Although it needed some work when she received it, I told her to sow an extra seed into Apostle’s hand to achieve the release. She was reluctant at first, but obeyed, and then God showed up. Within hours she was able to receive her car for her journey back to school. Recently, I walked into a fair and one of the booths had a giveaway. Within an hour of completing the form I received a basket full of tools. Why this is so significant and truly a confirmation from God is because Apostle Hunter has prophesied that my house has been released. To God be the glory! Great things He continues to do!

Melanie O. July 25, 2016

Financial Breakthrough

In Early 2014, my sisters and I, who were part owners of a commercial property, was asked to invest $20,000 to keep it going. We decided to sell it but all 3 sales attempts fell through. After Apostle prayed for the release, we each received checks of $60,000, $800, and $13,300. Praise God! Then, in November 2015, Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter, prophesied that the Lord would give my family and I three miracles before the year ended. It had been over a year that I’d been trying to sell my Fort Lauderdale condominium to move closer to Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. Two sales attempts fell through but in mid-December, we found a buyer. The first miracle included this sale which relieved me of over $100,000 worth of debt. My son, daughter, granddaughter and ex-husband had been looking for a new home to buy together. They found a home they loved, but had challenges to purchase it because the renters refused to move out. Pastor Hunter asked me how the home-buying was coming along and when I told him, he said, “I’ll pray them out and it is done in Jesus name”. The very next day, the renters moved out and my family was able to complete the purchase, enjoying Christmas in that beautiful home. This was the second miracle. The closing costs and costs of moving concerning the sale of my condo, had set me back a bit financially. But just before Christmas, my sister in Minnesota informed me that there was money left to be dispersed from the sale of a property. My sisters and I, each, received a check for $6,665. This was the third miracle that happened right before the end of the year just as the Lord had spoken through Apostle Michael Hunter.

Linda L. July 25, 2016

IRS Miracle

On Sunday, I asked Apostle to pray for me because I was told that I was going to owe the IRS over $1000 in taxes. He prayed for me and spoke debt cancellation. After church, I went to speak to a tax advisor and she explained what the issue was. She then proceeded to prepare my taxes and it turned out that instead of owing the IRS, I received a refund, and it was more than enough to pay the fees to prepare the taxes. Thank you Apostle for all your love, support and prayers.

Nickiesha B. July 25, 2016

Breakthrough All Around

We are blessed to be members of Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. When we first came, Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied that we would be blessed with a new vehicle. After we received the word from the man of God, we were blessed with a car in less than 24 hours. Again, we are so blessed to be a part of this ministry. Our car broke down and we were without transportation for a few months. The Winner’s Rest family faithfully extended God’s love to us by making sure we had transportation to work and church. They also took us shopping for food and supplies. We eventually purchased an Isuzu Rodeo, with one exception- we never had the chance to drive it. During the registration process, we encountered some issues with the paperwork. We did all we could, but to no avail. However, we thank God for our faithful mechanic, Minister Marvin Gayle, who refused to give up. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied the release of another vehicle. We prayed in agreement and we waited patiently. Bro. Marvin called saying he had found another Isuzu Rodeo exactly like the first one. A few days later, he called again that there was also a Lexus ES 300 available. We emphatically trusted in God’s favor over his life and were confident in Bro Marvin’s professional abilities to pray and choose which car was really the blessing from God. We can now truly testify of the goodness of God as expressed in Ephesians 3:20, “ Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think….”Because of sacrifices of prayer and support by Apostle Michael Hunter and Minister Marvin, we are now proud owners of a 1999 Lexus ES 300, debt free! The blessings of God do not stop there Continue Reading

Sandy & Eric K. July 25, 2016

Vehicle Blessing

God has blessed my niece Regina from Orlando with a 2015 Kia. Three months later, my sister, Wendy, called to let me know that God has also blessed her with a new car; a 2016 Honda. My other sister, Brenda, was blessed with a 2015 Ford F150. In 2015, someone broke into my storage and took everything that was inside. My lawyer called and told me that I have a good case and I don’t have to worry about anything. During this last week, I went to get a tire change, oil change and an alignment. All this was worth $780. However, I did not have to pay for anything. All of my testimonies above are through Apostle Michael Hunter.

Sarah P. July 25, 2016

I got My Mini Cooper Blessing!

Since 2014, I put a picture of a Mini Cooper Countryman on the wall in my office and, by faith, kept thanking God for it in advance. To God be the glory, my spiritual father, Apostle Hunter, messaged me on December 26, 2015. His message said that after church on December 27th I should go to Vista BMW, where I purchased my current car, and get the car that was already picked out for me. I hesitated to go after church, but on my way home, I pulled over my car and called the dealership to find out if they were open, and they were. I said out loud, “Lord I am not going to disobey you.” So I proceeded to Vista BMW in Broward. On my way there, I did not feel that my car could make it that far, but I said, “Father I am going as you instructed”, so I kept driving on the Turnpike and was praying that I’d reach to the dealership safely. Sometime before this, I went to a dealer in Palm Beach. This other dealer said that at 585, my credit score was too low; they could only give me $500 for my car. They said I needed a credit score over 600. I said thank you Jesus and left that dealership. When I got to Vista BMW in Broward, the manager, Ryan, approached me, introduced himself and said he will get Brad, the sales rep, to help me, and I said ok. While I was waiting for Brad I was saying Psalm 91. Brad came to assist me and asked which car I was interested in, and I told him the Mini Countryman. He took a copy of my driver’s license, got a license plate and we test drove the car. When Continue Reading

Elanor July 25, 2016

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