Unexpected Checks in the Mail!

On Sunday during service Dr. Michael Hunter Prayed for me and told me that I was going to receive a check from Connecticut that is owed to me. On Monday I went to my mailbox and a check was there. Then on Thursday I went again to my mailbox and there was another check!

Joan M. July 25, 2016

Breakthrough and Prosperity

I feel truly blessed to know Apostle Michael Hunter. He has been a blessing to me and my family and I am grateful for the way the Lord has used him in my life. He is a true Man of God. Apostle Michael had prophesied that I was going to get a house by the end of 2014. He said he saw “a house on a hill.” To God be the glory, I closed on my house on December 31, 2014 and it is a house on a hill, exactly as Apostle had prophesied. He had also prophesied that I would get a PhD. I never told him but I’m actually in the process of completing my PhD in Pharmacy and about to start my residency. He confirmed that I would complete my residency at the location that I really wanted. He, also, said that I would meet a lady that would watch over me like a “godmother”. She would groom and help me. As Apostle had prophesied, so it was. The Head of the Pharmacy Department has become my mentor and actually calls me her “goddaughter”. I have also received 1 of the 2 highly sought after residency positions working towards becoming a Hospital Pharmacist. Apostle further said that God would blow my mind. What I had already been receiving, was not all He had in store for me. Within 2 days of receiving my residency acceptance letter, I was called by a major retail Supermarket and offered a permanent job, working full time in the pharmacy dept with the compensation of six figures. Since I had already accepted the offer to complete my residency, I had to decline. However, they counter-offered me a part-time job with complimentary compensation. I’m so thankful for my Spiritual Dad and Leader

Tina July 25, 2016

I Shall Live & Not Die

One Sunday morning, a few months ago, my mom was visiting the church. During service, Apostle Hunter, prophesied to me that “a bullet would never pierce my body.” A week and a half later, on the Thursday, my husband sent someone to see him. I had recently updated the Resident Log so when the person arrived to the guardhouse, he was no longer allowed entry unless I was notified. The guard then, called my cell phone and said that the person was asking for an unknown name, to which I responded that no one lived here by that name. The guard further described the man to me saying he was a “Spanish guy” that had become visibly upset that he wasn’t being allowed in. So my husband called the guard and told him to let the gentleman in. The guard refused and then called me again and said that he suspected there was a problem based on the guy’s behavior. The guard also said he was going to call the police because he had realized that the license plate of the car was also missing upon inspection. They eventually took a picture of the driver, the additional passenger who was with him and the car with the missing tag. The guard, later, called back, once the police had investigated, and said that it appears that my husband had sent a hitman to my house. I was not home at the time but even more so, I am so blessed that the Lord used Apostle to prophesy to me and to speak victory into my life and cancel the plot of the enemy. This Man of God is truly a Seer and a Sniper in the Spiritual Realm and I stand here today to tell my testimony and I bless the Continue Reading

Wanda D. July 25, 2016

Job Release

Dr. Hunter prophesied to me that I would get a new job and within two weeks I received that new job!

Sasha N. July 25, 2016


When Apostle Hunter first ministered to me, he told me God was going to bless me with a new car and a new job. In less than a week of receiving the word, I got both! Last year, Apostle prophesied that if my husband would not do right by me and his children, God was going to strip him of everything. Well as of February, he moved back to Florida, sold or gave away everything and is jobless. Then, on Friday 04/08/16, Apostle prophesied that I would be getting a promotion and all the jobs that we don’t have the qualify for shall be released. By 04/12/16, I was promoted to the Office Supervisor for the Trauma Center at my job working hours that now allow me to start attending church more. Apostle, My Papa, My Spiritual Father and Mentor, I want to thank you for always praying for me and my family and always encouraging me to press on no matter what, because God is able. God bless you, Man of God!

Ineka M. July 25, 2016

Family United

Dr. Michael Hunter prophesied that God would bring about a reunion between myself and my biological father about 4 years ago. God has been doing exactly that. My father and I have been separated for the past 21 years. Apostle Hunter also prophesied that my father would get his Canadian Visa and then his American Visa which happened in May 2015. He will be here to visit me at the end of June! Dr. Hunter prophesied that I would be able to go back to university to purse my degree in Neuroscience and Behavior and Psychology, I started in the Spring of 2016 and I’m making all A’s. Dr. Hunter prophesied favor over my life and I have been experiencing amazing favor in every area of my life!

Jodi L. July 25, 2016

Home Released!

The prayers and prophecies from Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter saying that our home would be released has been fulfilled. On Thursday June 11th 2015, within 10 minutes of Apostle Dr. Michael Hunter’s last prophecy saying “The home is released for the Moore’s “ We received the confirmation call! Not only was the home released but also brand new furniture. The process was very challenging and we faced a lot of roadblocks, but we stood firm on our Apostle’s word. God sent an angel in the form of a leasing agent to manifest his supernatural blessings. We know this because after the approval of our lease on the 11th, we went to sign the lease on the 12th and upon our arrival we found out that the agent was no longer on the job. She resigned by email after approving our lease. We give thanks to our spiritual parents for their prayers, spiritual guidance, and continued support. Also thanks to our Winner’s Rest family for their prayers.

The Moores July 25, 2016

Early Retirement!

Apostle Michael Hunter told me last year that I would receive unexpected money. When I went to the Social Security Office last July, they told me that I could apply for early retirement. I am now receiving $400 every month

Janice C. July 25, 2016

Brand New SUV!

I was out of a car for a few months. Dr. Michael Hunter prophesied to me that I would be getting a new SUV. I went on the car lot on Monday which was Memorial Day with my father, Dr. Michael Hunter and the Lord released a New Toyota Highlander for me!

Alecia T. July 25, 2016

Turn Around

While living in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 2012-2013, I attended school. I made so many mistakes and wrong choices that I reflected on and wondered why I did them. To constantly move around was hard, but I had found a church. I was the only one in my family in Michigan, and while there, I was in and out of the hospital. My mom was living in Florida and was attending Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied to my mom that I would be joining her in Florida and that word came to pass in May 2013. When I came to church, Apostle gave me a word about being a member of his church and being on the Worship team. I have now been a member of Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center for the past two and a half years and still going strong. I am a proud member and honored spiritual son of Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter. To God be the glory! Recently, I had a court case in Florida, and Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied favor and that all the charges would have been dropped. On my day in court, the judge dropped all the charges. God is truly amazing and I’m so blessed to be under coverage of Dr Apostle Michael Hunter.

Junior B. July 25, 2016

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