Million Dollar Release!

Oh how sweet and how wonderful God is. I was truly blessed and deemed it an honor to worship with Winner’s Rest Family Center. God has been awesome and I know that He is about to do mighty works in us. That very same Sunday after I spoke with Apostle, I sowed my covenant seed and I am began to see God’s work manifesting immediately. Sister Dawn got me one of the anointed blankets and I took it home. On Saturday, January 30, 2016, my son (Nicholas) was heading out to do a presentation and he came to see me before he left the house. I placed the blanket around his shoulders and I asked God for his protection it was not a long prayer, I said, “Lord, protect my son and keep him safe”. He drove out and 15 minutes later he called to say that he heard a sound in his car. I told him to turn back and park the car. He did, and went with my niece. The next day, the mechanic called and said to my son, “the person who is praying for you, let them continue, because the strut bar broke and if he had not stopped, he would be a dead man”. Tell me who could it be but God? On January 28, I came to work and the Director of Human Resource asked that I submit my job description. All I could think was that something was about to happen. I had some loans that needed to be cleared and I needed a vehicle so I kept believing and trusting God for breakthrough. I received a Charitable Certificate for my Ministry from the government. I also started the process in getting my vehicle and my Company gave me $1.1M. I know God Continue Reading

Rose-Marie H. July 25, 2016

Husband Released!

I am a pastor from the Turks and Caicos Islands. Dr. Michael Hunter ministered to me saying that I was going to get married. Well this prophecy came to pass on the 27th of November 2010

Sharon P. July 25, 2016

Legal Victory!

My home was being foreclosed on but Dr. Michael Hunter prayed for me and prophesied that all would be well. I went to court and not only did my lender forgive me of $260,000 of debt but they turned around and gave me $25,000 cash back. I also got a brand new 2015 Nissan SUV.

Janet T. July 25, 2016

My Documents Came Through

Apostle Hunter had spoken to me over the phone and he prophesied many things over my life. He prophesied that I would leave Jamaica and move to Canada and he prophesied that I would get married. He also told me that my Permanent Residency documents would be approved in February 2016. Lastly, he prophesied that I would get a job. Everything he said came to pass! I moved to Canada and got married in 2015. I, then, filed for my Permanent Residency and was awaiting a response from the government. But thanks be to God, just as Apostle said, I was approved in February and received my documents in the mail on March 31st 2016. I, also, received a job soon after. I have since become a covenant partner with this ministry. God bless you Apostle Hunter! You are a True Prophet of the Most High.

Joseph L. July 25, 2016

Total Turn Around!

I joined Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center in 2013. From the moment I gave my life to Christ, it has been such a journey of change, redemption but most of all faith. I had been working at my former job for 15 years. I always wanted to step out into greener pastures but owing to my situation, I was unable to make that move. I had recently gotten married and really wanted to now broaden my financial horizons for my family’s sake. However, leaving the known for the unknown was something that really halted my decision to make the move. As I’ve always done in the past, I asked my spiritual dad, Apostle Hunter, for advice. He said it was not the right time so I pressed through that job. I had just moved to West Palm Beach so my commute to work was now 2 hours round trip, each day. Many times I wanted to leave but I trusted the Word of the Lord through His Prophet. To be honest, at times, I often wondered when it would be my turn for breakthrough. The days were rough but I knew that God had something great in store and with the many prophesies spoken over my life, I knew I had to be patient. As 2015 came to a close, I decided to give the company my “two-week” notice. I said enough is enough. I got the okay from the Lord, through Apostle and I made my move. I must admit it was tough at first. Imagine, this is the place you have been molded and groomed for 15 years and now you were parting ways. Yet, I trusted God for His amazing favor. The initial week was gruesome as it was the first time I had nothing to do and Continue Reading

Marvin G. July 25, 2016

God’s Divine Protection

Apostle Hunter prophesied to me that God was cancelling untimely death off my life. Recently, I was driving in rush hour traffic on Interstate 95 (I- 95) during stormy weather, and was involved in an accident. The impact caused my car to spin around and hit the concrete barrier. When my car came to a stop, the doors could not open. I was trapped inside my car, and now it was facing the speed lane of traffic on I-95. But I thank God for His divine protection. He protected me from a tractor trailer that was nearby. I also thank Him for using an undercover police officer who, immediately, stopped and blocked the lane to detour oncoming traffic. After the accident, God blessed me with another car. My greatest thanks to God is for using Apostle Michael who pray for God’s divine protection for their members on a consistent basis.

Shondelle July 25, 2016

Settlement Released!

Pastor Sledge was in an accident where a car rear ended him while at a stop light. Pastor Sledge was in a lot of pain from his right shoulder down to his back. He called Apostle Hunter to pray. Pastor Sledge knew God would be in the midst for him to receive his healing. Doctor Hunter prophesied many things into his life and they have come to pass. Pastor Sledge stated that Apostle Michael Hunter’s words to do not fall on stony ground and that he is a true man and a true prophet of the Most High God! He also states that when you receive a word from this true man of God please listen and follow his instructions because you will be blessed! Pastor Sledge had surgery which he was told would take 2 hours but it only took 45 minutes. He was told he wouldn’t be able to move for a few months but he was only down for 5 days. Pastor Sledge is able to bend, twist, and turn his body. To God be the Glory! Doctor Hunter also prophesied that Pastor Sledge’s wife Dr. Jacqueline Sledge will receive a better job, and a promotion on that new job. Dr. Sledge received the new job along with a promotion.

Phillip & Jacqueline S. July 25, 2016

The Sky is The Limit!

“I feel blessed to have a modern Pastor who inspires, motivates and teaches his congregation to Set Goals, Work Hard, Follow their Dreams and be successful in whatever they desire. They SKY is the LIMIT” Thank you Pastor Michael Hunter.” Marcia has been employed at an Airline company for the past 18 years as a Sr Manager and is married to a Captain of Southwest Airlines. She is a new member of Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. The Lord used Dr. Michael Hunter to minister to her saying that the Lord would give her witty inventions that would propel her from the red carpet of Winner’s Rest to the red carpet of Hollywood.

Marcia July 25, 2016

Business success

I have so many testimonies from every prophecy I have received from  Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter. In 2007, it was prophesied that I would have 3 sons. I have had 2 sons, Elijah and Isaiah, since then. In 2012, I was given a prophecy that I was going to start a new job and I would be starting my own business. I was hired as an Economic Development Specialist in January of 2013 and expanded my stock (day trading) company to a Land Development consulting company which I have been running since 2013. In 2015, it was prophesied that I would get elevated to a deeper spiritual level. I have always had dreams and visions, and had a gift of discernment but, since that time the discernment of people and the spirits within them, and the visions I have been given of what is to come for this country and the rest of the world has become much clearer and much deeper. In 2016, I received a prophecy that I would get favor among the wealthy, White, Jewish, and Spanish. I received my first Jewish client for my consulting business about 2 months ago. I have recently been connected with land developers looking for property between 9-10 million dollars. When it is bought, they want to hire me as their land development consultant.

AAron T. July 25, 2016

Musical Breakthrough!

How I became a gospel artist? Well, it all began in 2011 when my family and I had started going to Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. From Day 1, Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied that God said I was going to do music. I remember getting this same prophecy throughout the two years but it wasn’t until 2013 that I really stepped into my calling. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Friday night, our Youth night, and there were other youngsters from the church performing. Another great rapper, Brother Marvin, had just finished performing and as he was handing off the mic, Apostle told me to grab the mic and show him what I had in me. The rest is still history in the making because I’ve been rapping ever since. I don’t know if he knows this but, Apostle Hunter, is really the one person who has influenced me to do Gospel Rap. He would always say, “Son, you need to use the gift God has given to you and don’t sit on it.” These words, I’ve never forgotten and these words inspire me every time I write. Being under the spiritual coverage of Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter is truly a blessing. He is highly favored of God and I know it’s because of my connection with the Prophet that allows me to be so blessed. Last year was truly one of great favor for me. God blessed me with a wife, a debt free car and another job. I really can’t wait to see what blessings God has in store for me. I’m in the process of starting my new t-shirt line called New Lïfe Søictey, so look out for that. My decision to walk with God has been really good but of course, there Continue Reading

Dj S. July 25, 2016

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