24 Hour Breakthrough!

24 Hour Breakthrough!

My 24 hour breakthrough! On Sunday 4/10/16, Apostle Hunter preached the message “No More Delay, Watch the Next 24 hours!” and I left church in expectancy. Believe me when I tell you, I was just highly favored for the entire 24 hours. Right after service, I stopped at IHOP. I got a job opportunity and free food. On my way home, I got a call from my daughter. She told me to go to the grocery store and I ended up getting free groceries for the entire week, when all I had was $10.00 on my card. Within the same 24 hours, I didn’t just receive, I gave. It was said that it’s best not to hold onto things so I blessed someone with a Mazda car that I had parked and it gave me immediate peace. God is truly moving in Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center and Apostle Michael Hunter is a true prophet of God.

Francine July 25, 2016


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