Marital Bliss

Marital Bliss

Dr. Hunter was the first Prophet I have ever met in my life, and since then he has prophesied into my life with specificity and accuracy and all have come to pass.

In August 2012, he prophesied that God was going to give me a good husband. One that would treat me better than any man I had ever been involved with. At the time, I was actually transitioning out of my former marriage. He prophesied again in June 2014 that I would be a December bride. (I hadn’t even gotten my proposal yet) and on 12/13/14, Apostle performed my wedding ceremony at Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center.

In 2013, Apostle prophesied that I was going to get a salary increase on my job. I had just received a substantial increase that same month but I didn’t doubt the word. I received another increase that same month. 2 salary increases in the same month? That is just God.

My son lives in Jamaica. He went to the US Embassy and was told by the Consular that I should file for his Permanent Residency Card and he was refused his Visitor’s Visa. Apostle prayed for the release and my
son got his visa and visited me here in the US.

In 2014, Dr. Hunter ministered to my husband that he would get a promotion on his job and he received the promotion that same year. Five months later, he prophesied the same thing and again my husband was promoted on his job; two in one year.

In 2015, Apostle prophesied that I and my husband would travel to Jamaica and take a cruise. We went to Jamaica in June and we took our cruise March 2016. In October 2015, Apostle prophesied that I would receive a financial blessing and exactly 3 weeks later, my employer wrote me a check of $14,000.00 and gave me her 2006 Cadillac CTS debt free. With blessing after blessing, I had health scare that made me worry a bit because I had to get a biopsy done. Apostle prayed and said “it’s nothing” and thanks be to God it was exactly that- “Nothing!”. What a powerful anointing, this Man of God walks with! I and my family are truly blessed and grateful!

Wendel & Georgia S. July 25, 2016