Total Turn Around!

Total Turn Around!

I joined Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center in 2013. From the moment I gave my life to Christ, it has been such a journey of change, redemption but most of all faith. I had been working at my former job for 15 years. I always wanted to step out into greener pastures but owing to my situation, I was unable to make that move. I had recently gotten married and really wanted to now broaden my financial horizons for my family’s sake. However, leaving the known for the unknown was something that really halted my decision to make the move. As I’ve always done in the past, I asked my spiritual dad, Apostle Hunter, for advice. He said it was not the right time so I pressed through that job. I had just moved to West Palm Beach so my commute to work was now 2 hours round trip, each day. Many times I wanted to leave but I trusted the Word of the Lord through His Prophet. To be honest, at times, I often wondered when it would be my turn for breakthrough.
The days were rough but I knew that God had something great in store and with the many prophesies spoken over my life, I knew I had to be patient. As 2015 came to a close, I decided to give the company my “two-week” notice. I said enough is enough. I got the okay from the Lord, through Apostle and I made my move. I must admit it was tough at first. Imagine, this is the place you have been molded and groomed for 15 years and now you were parting ways.
Yet, I trusted God for His amazing favor. The initial week was gruesome as it was the first time I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. I wasn’t used to taking a break. I had always been on the go for so many years, that I really didn’t know how to be still. I spent more time in prayer and fasting then, than I had ever done in my life. Apostle recently said, “Sometimes God has to close one door to push you into your destiny.” Believe me when I say, if it wasn’t for His Prophet, Apostle Hunter, I wouldn’t have moved.
The next week, I found a property for $1200 per month. This seemed to be the perfect location and I was excited. However, with the many teachings of my spiritual parents, wisdom kicked in and I remembered that the counterfeit always came before the real thing. Thinking it over, I wouldn’t want to start a business where I would deplete most of my finances and disregard my family obligations, so I waited. Within that week, I was offered a property half the cost of the original in the surrounding area. I consulted my spiritual parents again for approval. They gave me their blessing and I met the owner, who favored me and further discounted my rent. He gave me the first month for free. He also allowed me to move in the next day. Now, I have a fully functioning shop, which saves me more than half of the monthly overhead expenses that I would have encountered with the other location. To God be the Glory, the Favor that rests upon my spiritual parents has surely fallen on me. Always remember that your blessing is tied up with the prophets. 2 Chronicles 20:20 “…Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” Be blessed, saints.

On one of the many mission trips to Jamaica, I’d sown a seed to Dr. Hunter as a seed for Prophet Anthony. Before the end of the week, I had received double the amount I gave and saw an increase in tips on my job. In another instance, Dr. Hunter texted me “God bless you my son, I speak the blessings of The Lord all over you in Jesus’ name, Breakthrough Now!” and within an hour I sold a car that I had been working on. It was never advertised the buyer bought it in cash, as is and made me an offer I could not refuse! Believe me when I tell you, I call Apostle, God’s Eye! He’s always on target!

Marvin G. July 25, 2016