Healing During Praise & Worship

Healing During Praise & Worship

In May, my wife and I came from Minnesota and visited Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. For 1 year I had severe hearing loss in 1 ear. During Praise and Worship, I felt a series of pops. Apostle Michael Hunter also prayed for me and my hearing was completely restored. I had never experienced physical healing in his walk with the Lord. Over the next few days, a black substance came out of my ear but bless God I am healed.
My wife was in a very bad car accident in Oct 2010. She had a pinched nerve in her lower back, and was told repeatedly, it was permanent! We had been to many churches and been prayed over many times. In March 2013, Apostle prayed for her and she said that she knew it was the end of all the pain. When we left that night and returned to our hotel, we couldn’t find the key. After being bent over for about 5 minutes, we realized she was completely bent over and had no pain. She almost cancelled her appointment with the Chiropractor because she felt so good but she decided to go anyway. Even the doctor was amazed. He said it seems like she did’nt even have a pinched nerve anymore. It was a testimony to him as well! The ailment that my wife suffered with for 2 and 1/2 years ended in a moment, and has never returned. While my sister-in-law visited from FL, we wrote a check for $300 to the ministry. The next day, at my commissiononly sales job, I had one sale that equalled what I’d usually sell in 2 weeks. Praise God! He made it clear that God is moving at Winner’s Rest. We knew then that it was time to move to FL and be a part of that move of God.
In January 2014, we were considering giving away a property because of the cost it would be to fix it. Shortly after that the Lord walked someone across our path who knew that perfect person to find an investor. The situation was turned around into a huge blessing. We sold it on December 24th 2014 for a great profit. Since I’ve come to Winner’s Rest and been ministered to by Dr. Hunter, my life has never been the same. My wife and I have received such great spiritual and financial blessings that we have decided to buy a new R.V. and move from Minnesota to Florida to be a part of this awesome ministry.

Debbie & Daniel T. July 25, 2016