Breakthrough and Prosperity

Breakthrough and Prosperity

I feel truly blessed to know Apostle Michael Hunter. He has been a blessing to me and my family and I am grateful for the way the Lord has used him in my life. He is a true Man of God. Apostle Michael had prophesied that I was going to get a house by the end of 2014. He said he saw “a house on a hill.” To God be the glory, I closed on my house on December 31, 2014 and it is a house on a hill, exactly as Apostle had prophesied.
He had also prophesied that I would get a PhD. I never told him but I’m actually in the process of completing my PhD in Pharmacy and about to start my residency. He confirmed that I would complete my residency at the location that I really wanted. He, also, said that I would meet a lady that would watch over me like a “godmother”. She would groom and help me. As Apostle had prophesied, so it was. The Head of the Pharmacy Department has become my mentor and actually calls me her “goddaughter”. I have also received 1 of the 2 highly sought after residency positions working towards becoming a Hospital Pharmacist. Apostle further said that God would blow my mind. What I had already been receiving, was not all He had in store for me. Within 2 days of receiving my residency acceptance letter, I was called by a major retail Supermarket and offered a permanent job, working full time in the pharmacy dept with the compensation of six figures. Since I had already accepted the offer to complete my residency, I had to decline. However, they counter-offered me a part-time job with complimentary compensation. I’m so thankful for my Spiritual Dad and Leader

Tina July 25, 2016