Business success

Business success

I have so many testimonies from every prophecy I have received from  Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter. In 2007, it was prophesied that I would have 3 sons. I have had 2 sons, Elijah and Isaiah, since then. In 2012, I was given a prophecy that I was going to start a new job and I would be starting my own business. I was hired as an Economic Development Specialist in January of 2013 and expanded my stock (day trading) company to a Land Development consulting company which I have been running since 2013. In 2015, it was prophesied that I would get elevated to a deeper spiritual level. I have always had dreams and visions, and had a gift of discernment but, since that time the discernment of people and the spirits within them, and the visions I have been given of what is to come for this country and the rest of the world has become much clearer and much deeper. In 2016, I received a prophecy that I would get favor among the wealthy, White, Jewish, and Spanish. I received my first Jewish client for my consulting business about 2 months ago. I have recently been connected with land developers looking for property between 9-10 million dollars. When it is bought, they want to hire me as their land development consultant.

AAron T. July 25, 2016


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