Financial Breakthrough

Financial Breakthrough

In Early 2014, my sisters and I, who were part owners of a commercial property, was asked to invest $20,000 to keep it going. We decided to sell it but all 3 sales attempts fell through. After Apostle prayed for the release, we each received checks of $60,000, $800, and $13,300. Praise God! Then, in November 2015, Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter, prophesied that the Lord would give my family and I three miracles before the year ended.
It had been over a year that I’d been trying to sell my Fort Lauderdale condominium to move closer to Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. Two sales attempts fell through but in mid-December, we found a buyer.
The first miracle included this sale which relieved me of over $100,000 worth of debt.
My son, daughter, granddaughter and ex-husband had been looking for a new home to buy together. They found a home they loved, but had challenges to purchase it because the renters refused to move out.
Pastor Hunter asked me how the home-buying was coming along and when I told him, he said, “I’ll pray them out and it is done in Jesus name”. The very next day, the renters moved out and my family was able to complete the purchase, enjoying Christmas in that beautiful home. This was the second miracle.
The closing costs and costs of moving concerning the sale of my condo, had set me back a bit financially. But just before Christmas, my sister in Minnesota informed me that there was money left to be dispersed from the sale of a property. My sisters and I, each, received a check for $6,665. This was the third miracle that happened right before the end of the year just as the Lord had spoken through Apostle Michael Hunter.

Linda L. July 25, 2016