God Healed Me!

God Healed Me!

In 2015, Apostle had said there was woman in the service that had a lump on their left breast. I came forward and he prayed for me, told me to go to the bathroom and check. I went to the bathroom and there was nothing. I did my annual mammogram and the doctor found an abnormal mass but told me to come back the next year for a follow-up. This year, the follow-up exam results showed there was something small so they scheduled an ultrasound a few days later and thanks be to God, everything came back normal! Apostle Hunter is a true man of God and highly anointed in the gift of healing. Anything he says will come to pass. I pray God will continue to bless him, in Jesus’ name!

Sis. Charmaine Church Member October 2, 2016


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