God is Good!

God is Good!

When I became a member at Winner’s Rest, Dr. Michael Hunter prophesied to me in September 2011 that I would receive a black car. I went to the dealership in December and bought my first car. It was a white 95’ Ford Contour, which what was prophesied to me. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Kelly (name of my car) only lasted about 3 months; the engine blew and the transmission went out. So in March 2012, I went back to the car dealership and this time I took home a black 2003’ Ford Taurus. God is good! Apostle also prophesied that I would get the job at the juvenile facility called “YSI”. I completed the application and went to the interview, but it was on my 3rd attempt that I got the job. He also prophesied that I would get my first apartment. I moved in June 19th, 2012. Then, in January 2015, Apostle prophesied that I would receive another car and job. I received my new car in February and I started my new job 3/26/2015, making more money with benefits, an office space with my own desk, phone line, business cards & keys to the building. Listen, DR. HUNTER IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD! If your prophecy has not come to past as of yet continue to be patient because nothing Dr. Hunter says falls to the ground!

Cheyenne M. July 25, 2016


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