God Released My Vensa!

God Released My Vensa!

Apostle Hunter gave me a word from the Lord that I would be run a medical college. I can say that word came to pass. I oversaw 3 schools campuses. Last year, I was given a word that I would be driving a Toyota Venza. Dr. Hunter came into agreement with me for that car. I test drove the vehicle about a week after receiving the Word, but did not purchase it. Dr. Hunter told me that it was time to move ahead with the new vehicle purchase. Two days after speaking with him, my search began. At the first car lot, I ran into several complications so I left from there and went across the street to another car lot. The manager came outside to greet me and told me that I should just pick a car and it was mine, not knowing that the very car of my desire (the Toyota Venza) was on that lot. I found it tucked away behind several other cars. Right then I claimed it to be mine. The manager showed me tremendous favor. He allowed me to trade the vehicle that I was driving for the new Venza that he had. It was an EVEN SWAP!!! Praise God!! I didn’t have to put down ANY money at all!!! The car is now mine!!!! My God is a Mighty God!!! You don’t have to settle for less because JESUS has the BEST!!!!!

Charlette B. July 25, 2016


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