God’s Divine Protection

God's Divine Protection

Apostle Hunter prophesied to me that God was cancelling untimely death off my life. Recently, I was driving in rush hour traffic on Interstate 95 (I- 95) during stormy weather, and was involved in an accident. The impact caused my car to spin around and hit the concrete barrier. When my car came to a stop, the doors could not open. I was trapped inside my car, and now it was facing the speed lane of traffic on I-95. But I thank God for His divine protection. He protected me from a tractor trailer that was nearby. I also thank Him for using an undercover police officer who, immediately, stopped and blocked the lane to detour oncoming traffic. After the accident, God blessed me with another car. My greatest thanks to God is for using Apostle Michael who pray for God’s divine protection for their members on a consistent basis.

Shondelle July 25, 2016