Home Released!

Home Released!

The prayers and prophecies from Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter saying that our home would be released has been fulfilled. On Thursday June 11th 2015, within 10 minutes of Apostle Dr. Michael Hunter’s last prophecy saying “The home is released for the Moore’s “ We received the confirmation call! Not only was the home released but also brand new furniture. The process was very challenging and we faced a lot of roadblocks, but we stood firm on our Apostle’s word. God sent an angel in the form of a leasing agent to manifest his supernatural blessings. We know this because after the approval of our lease on the 11th, we went to sign the lease on the 12th and upon our arrival we found out that the agent was no longer on the job. She resigned by email after approving our lease. We give thanks to our spiritual parents for their prayers, spiritual guidance, and continued support. Also thanks to our Winner’s Rest family for their prayers.

The Moores July 25, 2016


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