I Feel Super Blessed!

I Feel Super Blessed!

First, let me start by saying that I feel super blessed that God brought me to Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center and my faith has grown tremendously. Apostle has prophesied so many amazing things and God continues to blow my mind with his blessings. The first thing that came to pass was when Apostle prayed for me and said that my car was released. It was the most painless process getting my New Volkswagen Turbo. Apostle, then, prayed favor after my job interview and I got a better job with more money as a motivational coach with middle school kids. I also got accepted into the Master’s Program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. God gave me the gift to sing and I won the title for the Filipino (Philippines) Idol for Florida. To God be the glory! Apostle has prophesied that my music career is released, my husband is released and I will be married before the year ends as well as doors shall open for me and God will bless my socks off. I am so excited for all of those to come to pass as all the others have. God is Awesome and Apostle Hunter is a true Oracle of God.

Ma'Niche G. July 25, 2016


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