I got My Mini Cooper Blessing!

I got My Mini Cooper Blessing!

Since 2014, I put a picture of a Mini Cooper Countryman on the wall in my office and, by faith, kept thanking God for it in advance. To God be the glory, my spiritual father, Apostle Hunter, messaged me on
December 26, 2015. His message said that after church on December 27th I should go to Vista BMW, where I purchased my current car, and get the car that was already picked out for me. I hesitated to go after church, but on my way home, I pulled over my car and called the dealership to find out if they were open, and they were. I said out loud, “Lord I am not going to disobey you.” So I proceeded to Vista BMW in Broward. On my way there, I did not feel that my car could make it that far, but I said, “Father I am going as you instructed”, so I kept driving on the Turnpike and was praying that I’d reach to the dealership safely.
Sometime before this, I went to a dealer in Palm Beach. This other dealer said that at 585, my credit score was too low; they could only give me $500 for my car. They said I needed a credit score over 600. I said thank you Jesus and left that dealership.
When I got to Vista BMW in Broward, the manager, Ryan, approached me, introduced himself and said he will get Brad, the sales rep, to help me, and I said ok. While I was waiting for Brad I was saying Psalm 91. Brad came to assist me and asked which car I was interested in, and I told him the Mini Countryman. He took a copy of my driver’s license, got a license plate and we test drove the car. When we came back from the test drive, he asked what I thought about the car, and I told him “that I liked it, and I asked him how much it would cost me.” So I said to myself, “Father it’s in your hands, now take control, and let me have the car you picked out for me, in the name of Jesus.”
While they were making pricing arrangements, I walked outside. I saw Ryan, the manager. He asked if I was trading my car, and I said “I was told that it was only worth $500.” He agreed to take it to help determine its value. When he came back, he said he can give me $3,000 for my old car to use as the down payment for the new car. I said to myself, “Thank you Jesus!” Then Ryan came back to me and said they could not get me in the Mini Countryman, but they have another car that would work. They showed me the Mini Paceman, and I said that’s fine. Who am I not to accept what God already picked out for me? I received it in the name of Jesus, signed the documents, and got a loaner to drive home until the next day when I picked up my car.
I stayed in faith throughout the whole process of getting a new car no matter what came my way. I know God is able, and His timing is right, as Apostle said I was getting a new car. As I am asking for it to be paid in full, to God be the glory, I am so thankful that it’s not about me.

Elanor July 25, 2016