I Shall Live & Not Die

I Shall Live & Not Die

One Sunday morning, a few months ago, my mom was visiting the church. During service, Apostle Hunter, prophesied to me that “a bullet would never pierce my body.” A week and a half later, on the Thursday, my husband sent someone to see him. I had recently updated the Resident Log so when the person arrived to the guardhouse, he was no longer allowed entry unless I was notified. The guard then, called my cell phone and said that the person was asking for an unknown name, to which I responded that no one lived here by that name. The guard further described the man to me saying he was a “Spanish guy” that had become visibly upset that he wasn’t being allowed in. So my husband called the guard and told him to let the gentleman in. The guard refused and then called me again and said that he suspected there was a problem based on the guy’s behavior. The guard also said he was going to call the police because he had realized that the license plate of the car was also missing upon inspection. They eventually took a picture of the driver, the additional passenger who was with him and the car with the missing tag. The guard, later, called back, once the police had investigated, and said that it appears that my husband had sent a hitman to my house. I was not home at the time but even more so, I am so blessed that the Lord used Apostle to prophesy to me and to speak victory into my life and cancel the plot of the enemy. This Man of God is truly a Seer and a Sniper in the Spiritual Realm and I stand here today to tell my testimony and I bless the name of the Lord. Amen

Wanda D. July 25, 2016


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