Million Dollar Release!

Million Dollar Release!

Oh how sweet and how wonderful God is. I was truly blessed and deemed it an honor to worship with Winner’s Rest Family Center. God has been awesome and I know that He is about to do mighty works in us. That very same Sunday after I spoke with Apostle, I sowed my covenant seed and I am began to see God’s work manifesting immediately. Sister Dawn got me one of the anointed blankets and I took it home. On Saturday, January 30, 2016, my son (Nicholas) was heading out to do a presentation and he came to see me before he left the house. I placed the blanket around his shoulders and I asked God for his protection it was not a long prayer, I said, “Lord, protect my son and keep him safe”. He drove out and 15 minutes later he called to say that he heard a sound in his car. I told him to turn back and park the car. He did, and went with my niece. The next day, the mechanic called and said to my son, “the person who is praying for you, let them continue, because the strut bar broke and if he had not stopped, he would be a dead man”. Tell me who could it be but God?
On January 28, I came to work and the Director of Human Resource asked that I submit my job description. All I could think was that something was about to happen. I had some loans that needed to be cleared and I needed a vehicle so I kept believing and trusting God for breakthrough. I received a Charitable Certificate for my Ministry from the government. I also started the process in getting my vehicle and my Company gave me $1.1M. I know God is moving and I am believing for even more blessings for my life!

Rose-Marie H. July 25, 2016