Miracle After Miracle for Me!

Miracle After Miracle for Me!

On February 20th, 2015 Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied to me that I would come home from St. Louis, Missouri and be involved in the Youth Ministry and be on the Praise team. Praise be to God, these events have come to pass! Recently, Apostle prophesied that I would receive a new job. In less than a month, I walked into a very large, reputable animal hospital to simply drop off my resume and I received favor immediately. I met the Director of the organization and at the end of our impromptu interview, I was hired on the spot with the director saying I was “the perfect fit”. I must recognize, honor and brag on Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter. His anointing is not to be taken for granted or to be trampled on. He is a true prophet!

Wendy C. July 25, 2016


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