Miracle after Miracle

Miracle after Miracle

Apostle has prophesied so much over my life in the last 3 yrs, he has canceled accident and death off my life and I avoided accidents, shortly after. He spoke promotion on my previous job, when I was wavering whether to apply for a leadership position. At the time, I was getting a fight but in the end I was promoted. On my present job, Apostle prophesied new job, in Palm Beach, promotion, months later I resigned from my job receiving a new job in Palm Beach and after 2 weeks in training, I received a promotion as a supervisor. He also prophesied new vehicle. I had no credit and shortly after I received with no credit a 2015 Infiniti Q50 S. Even the sales guy was amazed but God worked it out. Apostle prophesied a new apartment. Again, I had no credit but was approved. He prophesied a dance ministry and that I would be traveling with the team. I am now the leader of the dance ministry and have started traveling. He prophesied that I would prophesy with precision and to date, I have publicly prophesied to 2 ladies, 1 in our church and another while on New York’s missionary trip. Apostle prophesied that my kids will lack for nothing, my daughter’s school fee will always be paid and people shall bless them. I can confirm that my kids lack for nothing, are always being blessed and the school fee is always paid in full. I can go on and on but I would need a book. God is so good and I am truly blessed with lots more testimonies to come..

Tracy P. July 25, 2016


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