My Documents Came Through

My Documents Came Through

Apostle Hunter had spoken to me over the phone and he prophesied many things over my life. He prophesied that I would leave Jamaica and move to Canada and he prophesied that I would get married. He also told me that my Permanent Residency documents would be approved in February 2016. Lastly, he prophesied that I would get a job.
Everything he said came to pass! I moved to Canada and got married in 2015. I, then, filed for my Permanent Residency and was awaiting a response from the government. But thanks be to God, just as Apostle said, I was approved in February and received my documents in the mail on March 31st 2016. I, also, received a job soon after. I have since become a covenant partner with this ministry. God bless you Apostle Hunter! You are a True Prophet of the Most High.

Joseph L. July 25, 2016