My Life is Much Better!

My Life is Much Better!

Since I’ve become a member of Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center, my life has changed for the better. Apostle Michael Hunter has prophesied that I would get a new job; a job working with older patients making more money. That prophecy has come to pass. I now work with older patients and make way more money than my last job. Apostle Hunter also prophesied that I would get my own place; I am now living in my new place with my kids. I have also received my first pay raise, and this has never happened at my company before, so I know that is favor. The Lord has truly been good to me and my family since joining this ministry and I am looking forward to all the other prophecies Apostle Michael Hunter has spoken over my life. Again, I say that I am blessed to be in such a powerful ministry with the Prophetic Sniper!

Tangela S. July 25, 2016


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