Obedience Brings Blessings!

Obedience Brings Blessings!

Two years ago, I transitioned from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and became a member of Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. Apostle Hunter prophesied that God was going to give me properties in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had been renting in West Palm Beach and commuted to work in Deerfield Beach. My lease was due for renewal in February, 2016 so in December of 2015, I seriously started acting on the prophecy Apostle had given me; he reminded me again that this was the season for receiving this promise.
I got a realtor in mid-December, found several houses, but they were not what I wanted. During an online search, an area I was not considering appeared: the prices were good, the land acreage was large, and the area was quiet. I contacted Apostle and he confirmed that this was the area. The first home I liked (and called Esau) was withdrawn, and relisted on the market for $20,000 higher than before! Another person out bid me for my second choice (Sitnah); and by mid-January, I found the third house that I liked (Rehoboth), God made room for me. I closed on this house the day my lease expired. The seller even paid the 3% closing cost and the amount I paid out of pocket was a lot less than I expected. Besides all this, I got favor with a furniture store and saved over five hundred dollars ($500) on high quality furniture. Within the last month, I filed my taxes. I was told I would owe between $3000 and $4000 unless I presented some documents. When I finally filed, I was actually paid the exact amount it would have taken to file. (Debt Cancellation) Also, there is a mission’s trip to New York in April and I thought I couldn’t go because of the expense. Thanks be to God, while speaking with my daughter, we found a fare costing only $161.00. God has never failed and all honor belongs to Him!

Eunice S. July 25, 2016