When Apostle Hunter first ministered to me, he told me God was going to bless me with a new car and a new job. In less than a week of receiving the word, I got both! Last year, Apostle prophesied that if my husband would not do right by me and his children, God was going to strip him of everything. Well as of February, he moved back to Florida, sold or gave away everything and is jobless. Then, on Friday 04/08/16, Apostle prophesied that I would be getting a promotion and all the jobs that we don’t have the qualify for shall be released. By 04/12/16, I was promoted to the Office Supervisor for the Trauma Center at my job working hours that now allow me to start attending church more. Apostle, My Papa, My Spiritual Father and Mentor, I want to thank you for always praying for me and my family and always encouraging me to press on no matter what, because God is able. God bless you, Man of God!

Ineka M. July 25, 2016


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