Prophetic Release

Prophetic Release

I can’t stop singing the praises of the Most High. God favored me after being promoted twice in one year with a major commercial bank. Apostle prophesied another promotion in management and within two weeks I was appointed to a management position with my company. It was some time ago that Apostle prophesied the release of a car for my daughter. He also prophesied, before she went to college, that she would have favor all the way. My daughter had also embraced the principle Apostle taught us to tithe and make offerings regularly from any and every incoming funds. Apostle Hunter said, “release”, and sure enough Natalie’s father agreed it was time for her to have a car. Although it needed some work when she received it, I told her to sow an extra seed into Apostle’s hand to achieve the release. She was reluctant at first, but obeyed, and then God showed up. Within hours she was able to receive her car for her journey back to school. Recently, I walked into a fair and one of the booths had a giveaway. Within an hour of completing the form I received a basket full of tools. Why this is so significant and truly a confirmation from God is because Apostle Hunter has prophesied that my house has been released. To God be the glory! Great things He continues to do!

Melanie O. July 25, 2016


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