Settlement Released!

Settlement Released!

Pastor Sledge was in an accident where a car rear ended him while at a stop light. Pastor Sledge was in a lot of pain from his right shoulder down to his back. He called Apostle Hunter to pray. Pastor Sledge knew God would be in the midst for him to receive his healing. Doctor Hunter prophesied many things into his life and they have come to pass. Pastor Sledge stated that Apostle Michael Hunter’s words to do not fall on stony ground and that he is a true man and a true prophet of the Most High God! He also states that when you receive a word from this true man of God please listen and follow his instructions because you will be blessed! Pastor Sledge had surgery which he was told would take 2 hours but it only took 45 minutes. He was told he wouldn’t be able to move for a few months but he was only down for 5 days. Pastor Sledge is able to bend, twist, and turn his body. To God be the Glory! Doctor Hunter also prophesied that Pastor Sledge’s wife Dr. Jacqueline Sledge will receive a better job, and a promotion on that new job. Dr. Sledge received the new job along with a promotion.

Phillip & Jacqueline S. July 25, 2016


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