So Many Blessings!

So Many Blessings!

God has used Apostle Michael Hunter to speak prophecies into my life. These are prophecies that have been fulfilled:
1. God has blessed me with a husband.
2. Apostle prophesied that God will bless me with a new vehicle when I move to West Palm Beach. I got the new vehicle 5 months after I relocated.
3. Apostle Hunter prophesied about a new job for me in West Palm
Beach. Within 24 hours, I got a managerial job that paid more money than my
previous job.
4. Double, double portion blessings; I got 4 unexpected checks.
5. God would show me things in dreams
6. Debt Cancellation! My ex-husband paid off $8,000 of IRS debt for 2015

Kerryann H. July 25, 2016