Supernatural Healing

Supernatural Healing

I had to relocate to Florida from New York because of on-the-job injuries that I had sustained. At my Doctor’s suggestion, he said the climate in Florida would help the healing process. I moved in November of 2006 and I started visiting several churches. In May 2010, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I went into serious Fasting and Prayer and I was healed. My faith was taken to another level and My Heavenly Father kept speaking to me in a deeper and more confounded manner. I was then, invited to Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center in November 2013. The Word, the Anointing, the Praise and the Gifts are flowing through Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter. I am so grateful to Him for giving us the Love and Passion for Christ. This is the church of the Last days and I am inviting each and everyone to come and have a life changing experience.

Errol P. July 25, 2016


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