Supernatural Provision!

Supernatural Provision!

I have a mountain of bills back in Jamaica and along with them my little son’s school fees. He is to graduate from Campion College this July and I have been worrying about this. Reason is, if the fees were not paid, he would not have been allowed to graduate and I didn’t want him to miss out on his graduation because of me. My mother who lives in New York decided to vacation in Jamaica and I offered her my house to stay and relax. She surprised me when she said that she paid off my son’s school fees which were a little over one hundred thousand dollars. I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting my mother to do that as I never told her about his owed fees. With all the other bills owing, I still felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders as I didn’t have his school fees and his graduation now to worry about. I’m giving God all the praise and glory as He is worthy and deserving if it all!

Heather M. July 25, 2016


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