Turn Around

Turn Around

While living in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 2012-2013, I attended school. I made so many mistakes and wrong choices that I reflected on and wondered why I did them. To constantly move around was hard, but I had found a church. I was the only one in my family in Michigan, and while there, I was in and out of the hospital. My mom was living in Florida and was attending Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center. Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied to my mom that I would be joining her in Florida and that word came to pass in May 2013. When I came to church, Apostle gave me a word about being a member of his church and being on the Worship team. I have now been a member of Winner’s Rest Family Worship Center for the past two and a half years and still going strong. I am a proud member and honored spiritual son of Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter. To God be the glory! Recently, I had a court case in Florida, and Dr. Apostle Michael Hunter prophesied favor and that all the charges would have been dropped. On my day in court, the judge dropped all the charges. God is truly amazing and I’m so blessed to be under coverage of Dr Apostle Michael Hunter.

Junior B. July 25, 2016


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